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Industrial Chemical Preparations

Industrial chemical preparations

Copper sulfate

It is the compound of copper, sulfur and oxygen which is very useful chemicals and can be used in different industries.


  • In the Oil refinery
  • Electroplating
  • Antiseptic
  • In the preparation of pigments
  • Tanning industry
  • Agriculture
  • In the textile industry use as mordent
  • In the batteries use as electrolyte
  • Preserver for wood pulp and ground pulp
  • Lithography and engraving process
  • Rayon preparation
  • Rubber manufacturing
  • In the preparation of steel


  • Technical
  • Laboratory grade
  • AR grade

Pure grade can be used in the pharmaceutical and electroplating industries.

Technical grade is used in wood and Leather preservation.

AR grade can be used in analytical process

Manufacturing process

Copper sulfate can be obtained by the reaction of dilute sulfuric acid and copper scrape.

In other words copper wasted put in the sulfuric acid solution which is performed in the Lead lined vessels along with lead coils. By adding the concentrated sulfuric acid, water and mother lacquers 50% minimum concentration is achieved.

It keeps in open steam while the temperature held between 60 to 70 C.

By air blower continuously supply the air to solution for getting oxygen .After the completion of the reaction the solution is to be filtered. For this purpose an open pane evaporate  has been used.

After that process the solution becoming cool and getting the form of crystals.

These crystals are called copper sulfate.

Heathen the  crystals on the wire gage screen kept the minimum temperature  at 60 C

2CU+O2+2H2SO4  —————————————-  2CUSO4+2H2O

Plant and machinery

  • Sulfuric acid, storage tank, Mild steel ,Lead Line vessel
  • Reactor with agitator and blower
  • Lead lined neutralizer with agitator
  • Filter press Capacity minimum 1Ton Daily
  • S lined open pane as evaporator
  • Crystallizer
  • Filter and driers
  • Small air compressor and blower
  • Motor and pumps
  • Boiler
  • Mother lacquer storage tank

Raw Material for making 1 ton Copper sulfate

Copper scrape 260 kg
Sulfuric acid 400 kg


2.Zinc sulfate

Zinc sulfate also multipurpose using chemical use in various industries.

Fertilizeing industry


Pulp an dpaper manufacturing

Paint and varnish making

Textile processing




ZnSO4 Anhydrous

ZnSO4H2O mono hydrate

ZnSO46H2O Hexa hydrate

ZnSO47H2O Hepta hydrate

Manufacturing Process

Zinc sulfate can be prepare by the reaction of sulfuric acid with Zinc Ash in the Lead line vessel.


Plant and machinery

Lead line dilution tank

Lead line leaching tank

Filter press

S.S tray drier

Mild steel settling tank

Steel jacket

Boiler with ion exchange

Sulfuric acid reutilization tank

Cobalt tank

Air compressor

Heavy metal tank

Raw Martial

  • Zinc Ash
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Zinc dust


  • Water minimum 60 thousand gallons
  • Electric power


3.Tri Sodium Phosphate

It is used in different industries other than detergent industry.


  • Wire conditioning
  • Paint remover
  • Photography
  • Leather goods
  • Tanning
  • Laundering
  • Medicine and emulsion

Manufacturing process

It can be prepared by the reaction of Di sodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide..

For this purpose  adding sodium hydroxide solution   in Sodium phosphate  at heated condition.

Plant and machinery

  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • S Reaction vessel
  • Crystallizer tank
  • Drum drying
  • Centrifuge

Raw Material for 300 kg batch

Chemicals Qty
Phosphoric acid 87.0 kg


Sodium carbonate 78.0
Sodium hydroxide 53.5


4.Oxalic acid



  • Textile industry
  • Cotton printing
  • In the Plant fiber as cleaner
  • Metal polish
  • For cleaning natural resins
  • Melting temperature 187C

Manufacturing process

It is very easy process to make the oxalic acid By the oxidation process of the glucose, starch keep the temperature 90 C.

Estimated time require to make the oxalic acid about 6 hours.

Plant and machinery

  • Storage vessel
  • Tanks,
  • Makeup and holding vessels
  • Reactor with agitator
  • Discharge tank
  • Reaction tank
  • Centrifuges
  • Driers
  • Boilers
  • Weight and packing unit
  • Filter



Raw material for daily 1 ton production


Chemicals contents Qty
Molasses 1200 kg
Sulfuric acid 500 kg
Nitric acid 360 kg
Vanadic acid 500 grams


5.Sodium Acetate

It is used in the manufacturing of various chemicals products


  • Fr the preparation of other acetates
  • Medicine
  • Point making
  • Photography
  • Copper acetate
  • For purification of the glucose
  • For preservation of meat


Manufacturing process

It is formed by the reaction of the sodium carbonate with the hot acetic acid .

Plant and machinery

  • Reaction vessel with agitator
  • Steam coil
  • Temperature gage
  • Crystallizer
  • Vacuum pump
  • Drier
  • Filler

Raw material for 1 ton Production

Chemicals Qty
Acetic acid 600 Kg
Sodium carbonate 800 kg


6.Sodium dichromate


Color Orange crystals
Density 2.52 at 13 C
Melting point 357 C
Decompose 400C
Solidity Soluble in water

dissoluble in alcohol

Non flammable

Grads Technical



  • As a chemical reactant
  • For the preparation of chromic acid
  • In the manufacturing of anti rust compounds
  • Pint making
  • Electroplating
  • For the protection of the wood

Manufacturing Process

It is formed by the reaction of sulfuric acid and sodium chromate..Sodium chromate can achieve by sodium carbonate and compounds of chromate.

Cremate or chrome iron stone basically are the names of chromium iron oxide.

In the high grade chromate the amount of chromium oxide is 50%.

After the reaction with sulfuric acid sodium bi chromate can prepared after washing the chromate crystals

Raw material

For production of 1Ton Sodium bi chromate

Chemicals Qty
Chromate metal 50% 2200 Lbs
Lime stone 3000 Lbs
Sodium carbonate 1600 Lbs
Sulfuric acid 1000 Lbs
Fuel Oil 150 gallons
Steam 600 Lbs
Electricity 500KV



7.Potassium Dichromate


Color Bright Yellowish to reddish
Density 2.67 at 25 C
Melting point 396 C
Decompose 500C
Solidity Soluble in water

dissoluble in alcohol

non flammable

Grads Technical
Taste Strong metallic



It is formed by the reaction of chrome metal with potassium carbonate.


  • As a oxidizing agent
  • Brass pickling
  • Electroplating
  • Fireworks
  • Match industry
  • Dying and printing
  • Glass industry
  • Chrome tanning leather
  • Engraving and lithography
  • Medicine
  • Synthetic perfumery
  • Paint manufacturing
  • Metal working
  • ceramic industry

8.Ammonium dichromate

By the reaction of Ammonium hydroxide and chromic acid.

Plant machinery

  • Jaw crusher
  • Ball mills
  • Rotary mixer
  • Rotary kiln
  • Leaching tank
  • Rotator drier
  • Storage tank
  • Filter
  • Acidifier
  • Tipple effect evaporator
  • Settling tank
  • Crystallizers
  • Centrifuge
  • Rotator screen
  • Slurry pump
  • Chemical pump
  • Electric motor
  • Piping valves
  • Boiler and other utensils