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Bakery cookies and coatings

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Make a list of all bakery items that are used in the bakery and go to the bakery shops and check the goods prices after baked and before baked. Calculate the profit that you can easily make from the bakery business. You will see that there is very big profit in the business of bakery. That is the reason why numbers of peoples are starting bakery businesses day by day. Make money by starting bakery business with some investment

Product Formula Sheet
  • Cookies raw material
  • Rotary mold cookies
  • Whirecut cookies
  • Sugar wafer butter
  • Coating for cookies
  • Vanilla coating
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark coca
  • Coconut cookies
  • Peanut coating
  • Biscuit coating
  • White coating
  • Dark chocolate
  • Lemon coating
  • Orange coating
  • Mali milling coating
  • Twisted sea sum cookies
  • Almond butter short bread
  • Waffle hearts


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