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Auto vehicle wash Products

(Code: AHW-01)

Easy way to make money by setting a commercial vehicle washing system to generate the vehicle wash products in a large auto market. Now a days auto washing products are mostly demanded by cars, trucks,buses and other vehicles to perform high cleaning work. That means that the business of auto washing products are very fruitful business which can be start at all scale production.

Product formula sheet
  • Vehicle Wash Detergents making
  • Truck and Bus Wash
  • Touch less Vehicle Wash Detergent
  • Heavy Duty Truck Wash. Liquid & powder
  • Economy Truck/Bus Wash
  • Wheel Cleaner, Alkaline
  • Auto body high gloss polish
  • Aluminum truck body polishes
  • Engine degreaser making
  • truck and bus glass cleaners
  • Auto chrome parts polish
  • Special wax formula for heavy duty vehicles


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Price: $95.00

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