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Rubber Technology



Today rubber industry becomes a giant industry in the world with its huge volume as the billions of people attached with this trade. From a small scale unit to a big enterprise business in the other words from the pencil eraser or toys making, to automobile parts or plane tires belong to this industry .The base of the rubber industry is a natural rubber, also called India rubber or caoutchouc  while Synthetic rubber is made by the polymerization of a variety of petroleum-based precursors called monomers.

Technical steps in rubber industry

Rubber industry can be divided into three major technical divisions                                                            l_4iFJnixon-black-stainless-steel-case-black-dial-black-rubbe

  1. Polymer(latex rubber) producers
  2. Rubber manufacturing
  3. Users

The main source of the natural rubber is the rubber trees where it collects in the milky liquid form. This milk is filled into the drums with the addition of certain acid to start the rubber clotting which are      later segregated from the water .Now these rubber clotting  are passed through a machine to sheet manufacturing .These sheet are called raw rubber  while the natural rubber also known as latex. The rubber percentage in the latex is 60%.

Rubber processes

There are many processes for latex rubber to make the desire rubber products.


Vulcanization is a process in which rubber pieces filled into the molds for a specific period of time at the certain temperature. It is a compulsory process for every rubber making articles while sulfur is an obsessive element in the rubber vulcanization. Zinc oxide is also added along with sulfur to get the optimum results in the final product manufacturing. Both these two elements bring the elastic properties in the rubber products.


When the rubber contents mix with other chemicals in the mixing mill after that filled into the molds. These molds are heated to a required temperature for maturing the rubber goods while heat providing to the molds is called curing.

Rubber goods making methods

There are generally two methods applied in the rubber goods formation one is molds method  for making rubber toys, cycle grips ,soft ,sole production and the other method is extrusion process for hose pipes ,rubber insulting electric wires.

The short summery of  rubber goods method is that the rubber raw material put in the mixing mill to soften the rubber contents. A variety of other chemicals like fillers (clay) adding in the mixing mill for the formulation of rubber compound or rubber composition .on the propitiate cooling the rubber compounds cut into small pieces which would later filled in the molds for curing. These molds have  been heated by steam press or manual press and vulcanized for 10 to 20 mints. Now the rubber products are ready to pack.

Equipment and machinery

Rubber mixing mill

It is the backbone of the rubber industry to mix the rubber contents with other chemicals with different sizes and models. Electric safety device, glass lubricants, gear covers ,water reservoir and the tray are the parts of the mixing machine.

Rubber extruder

It is called a tubing machine which is used to make, tubes ,hoses ,cycle tubes ,and threads.

Rubber calendaring machine

In the rubber industry for producing the sheet conveyer and transmitting belting by this machine .Different sizes and models of calendaring machine  with gravity lubrication ,gear covers ,and water reservoir parts.

Other machinery

Vulcanizing press ,boiler ,rubber ,auto clave ,hydraulic  press ,rubber spreading machine, solution mixture ,green tires making machine, air bag press ,tire opening machine ,cranked machine ,screening machine ,rotating drum ,refining mill ,sleeper

Rubber testing machine

Tensile testing machine

Hardness testing machine

Chemicals used in rubber industry

Sodium carbonate, HCl, French chalk, China clay, Benzene, Styrene , Zinc oxide, Formaldehyde solution,Petroleum hydro carbon solution ,Whitening ,Natural rubber oxide ,Stearic acid ,Light magnesium carbonate ,Activated calcium carbonate ,Rosin ,Carbon disulfide ,Ammonia and Carbon black.


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