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Small Industries

Food Products

Ice cream and ice candy making

Vinegar production

Rice milling

Pulse milling

Bread making

Cake and baker items



Mustard and other oils manufacturing

Groundnut oil

Poultry feeds

Synthetics syrups

Beverage products


Textile and Hosiery

Cotton cloth knitted

Cotton west knitted

Cotton socks knitted

Cotton under garments

Cotton shawls

Cotton wear

Woolen cloth

Woolen west

Woolen socks

Woolen under garments

Woolen gloves

Synthetic knitted wears

Children knitted wears

Synthetic knitted fabrics



Tights blouse and genes

Synthetic knitted shirts’ shirts, causal and Office shirts

Readymade garments manufacturing

Wood Products

Wooden Saw

Wooden boxes

Industrial wooden covers

Cables drums

Furniture manufacturing

Wooden handles

Wooden Racks and Elmira

Cosmetic Products

Creams making

Lotions products


Shower and bathing products

Hair products


Lip glosses

Sun screening

Makeup kits

Eye shades

Personal care products

Face wash

Perfumery and flavors products

Cleaning Products

Detergents powders

Liquid detergents

Hand cleaners

Hard surface cleaner

All purpose cleaners

Shampoo making

Dish washing detergents

Floor cleaners

Disinfectant products

Ceramics cleaners

Household cleaners

Laundry products

Paper Products

Waxed paper

Water proof paper

Color and white papers

Corrugated box

Paper bags

Disposable paper sheets

Tissue paper

Paper cons

Paper tubes

Paper gum tapes

Stencil paper

Toilet paper rolls


Tracing paper

Gummed paper for stamp

Sanitary towels

Letter pads

File covers


Leather Products

Leather sols

Leather shoes

Leather shoe upper

Leather sleepers and sandals

Leather garments

Leather suitcase and travels goods

Leather purses and hand bags

Leather cases and covers

Leather gloves

Leather washers

Rubber Goods

Rubber tire and tubes

Surgical gloves

Water bottles

Rubber blooms

Rubber hoses and taps

Rubber tubes

Rubber washers

Rubber oil seals

Latex foam

Rubber blowing agents

Plastic products

Blow molded

Acrylic sheets

Fiber glass

Polythene film

Polythene bags

Poly urethane foam

Plastic buttons

PVC pipes

Plastic rain cots

Industrial and laboratory chemicals production

Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium fluoride

Ammonium carbonate

Ammonium sulfate

Ammonia solution

Cadmium products

Chromic acid

Cobalt sulfate

Lead acetate

Lead nitrate

Ferrous sulfate

Silica gel

Silver nitrate


Potassium chloride

Ethyl alcohol

Nickel sulfate

Basic dyes

Reactive dyes

Fast color basis

Organic Chemicals


Di methyl sulfate

Potassium citrate

Sodium citrate

Tartaric acid

Benzyl chloride

Paint driers

Paraffin wax

Zinc stearate

Methyl silicate

Calcium stearate

Glycerol phosphate

Lanolin anhydrous

Polyester resin

PVC compounds

Alkyd resin

Nicotinic acid