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It is also called crystal ammonia Present in colorless crystalline form or white powder Converts in bicarbonate when kept in moisture rich environment 

SMELL: Has a pungent taste and smell like ammonia

SOLUBILITY :Highly soluble in water

HAZARDS: Ammonium Carbonate is Incombustible, Its vapors cause irritation


SOURCE: It is obtained by heating calcium salt and ammonium carbonate together.

GRADES: Technical, cubes, powder, C-P, N-F, F-C-C


It is used in the preparation of ammonium salt Ammonium bicarbonate is ingredient of many medicines, particularly cough syrups 

Also used in many bakery and confectionery items and as an important ingredient of baking soda .

Fire extinguishing materials contain this chemical compound.

It has a wide application in pharmaceutical, textile and ceramic industry.

 It is an important component of many organic chemicals

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