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Other names: Di methyl ketone ,2- propanone

Color and odor: Acetone is a colorless ,volatile dense liquid with a sweet smell.

Melting point:  -94.3OC

Boiling point: 56.2OC

Flash point:    – 9.4OC

Density:      0.792 at 20 OC

Refractive index: 1.3591 at 20 OC

Solubility : it is soluble in water alcohol ,oils and Ether.

Preparation: by the oxidation of iso propyl alcohol

Grades: Technical, C-P, N-F ,Electronic , Spectrum photometer

Precautions: Flammable, rapidly fire catching ,explosive ,orally less poises

Acetone uses

It is used in the manufacturing of different compounds like

Methyl iso butyl ketone, methyl iso butyl carbitol, paint manufacturing 

In the varnish making it is used as a solvent, Lacquer solvent, Cellulose acetate,

Using in the nail polish and nail polish remover formulations.

In nitrocellulose as a solvent in the making of potassium iodide and potassium Permanganate.

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