Alkyd Resin

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Preparation of Synthetic Resin : The main components in the production of alkyd synthetic resin are synthetic gums. These can be prepared using linseed oil or soybean oil. For this purpose, phthalic anhydride is mixed with glycerin.


Alkyd resin is utilized across various industries including the production of paints, varnishes, textile coatings, and in the ink industry.


Textile Industry: Alkyd resin is used as a waterproofing binder, typically in concentrations ranging from 10% to 17%.

Ink Industry: This resin is incorporated into various printing ink formulations. It is used in automatic press black ink at a ratio of 10%. In calender presses, alkyd resin is also used at a ratio of 10%.

Varnish Production: It is an essential component  in the manufacting  of various types of varnishes including electrical insulating varnishes, phenolic varnishes, mixed varnishes, paint varnishes, hard-drying plastics, and other varnish formulations.

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