Aminomethyl propanol

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Other Names :  Aminomethyl propanol also known as Iso butanol amine , 2 Amino 2 methyl 1 propanol

Properties : Exist in Liquid and solid form

Color : Colorless  AMP95

Odor : Having very low odor

Composition:  in water active 95%

Solubility :Completely soluble in water

Anionic in nature

Density 0.928 and 0.942

Viscosity 102 Cp at 30C

Freezing point  -2 C

Melting point  30C

Boiling point 165C

Flash point 172F and 182F

Adverse Effects

  • Irritation on skin
  • Lethal for eyes
  • Always use this chemical on wearing gloves and goggles.


It react with bronze copper and aluminum metal therefor never use to store this chemicals withe materials.

Always prefer to store this in steel and iron drums.

Explosive in nature .On heavy heating it ignited.

Trade names

AMP AMP-95 (M-C)


As a Dispersant  as a  solvent, as a Neutralizer  as a Stabilizer, as a Emulsifier ,as a Corrosion inhibitor and as a reducing the foam.

Amino methyl propanol Uses

It is frequently use in cosmetic industry

In Emulsion making which is use in hair spray formulations.

It is using in the pesticide formulations for destroying  the micro insects.

In household detergent powder formulations this compound also use.

It is using in the making of many industrial compounds like Dyes and pigment manufacturing.

Rich using in Paint industry.

In the making of polymer and water treatment is used.

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