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It is also called crystal ammonia Present in colorless crystalline form or white powder Converts in bicarbonate when kept in moisture rich environment 

SMELL: Ammonium carbonate has a pungent taste and smell like ammonia.

SOLUBILITY :Highly soluble in water

HAZARDS: Ammonium Carbonate is Incombustible, Its vapors cause irritation


GRADES: Technical, cubes, powder, C-P, N-F, F-C-C


 In the preparation of ammonium salt . Ammonium bicarbonate is a main  ingredient of many medicines, particularly cough syrups 

Also used in many bakery and confectionery items and as an important ingredient of baking soda .

Fire extinguishing materials contain this chemical compound.

Ammonium carbonate has a wide application in pharmaceutical, textile and ceramic industry.

 It is an important component of many organic chemicals

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