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Properties: it is also called dodecyl ammonium sulfate  with sweet smell  dens crystal liquid.

It is available in paste form. White crystal-like and pale yellow liquid can be formed.

Trades Names :There are hundreds of trades names of this compound.

Stability: 4 to 7 PH is much better.

In the winter season it becomes paste while in summer it becomes thick liquid.


It is soluble in butyl stearate

It is easily soluble in water.

It is also mixed in glycerin and mineral oil.

Composition: 27 % active to 51 % active content can be used in the various product formulations.

Classification: On the behalf of its classification it is used in different products as

wetting agent, emulsifier ,foaming agent ,cleansing agent and mostly as surfactants.


It is used in the Automobile cleaner products

  • Car shampoo
  • Bath products
  • Bubble bath making
  • As a shampoo base
  • Personal care products
  • Shaving creams and foaming
  • Carpet shampoo making
  • Household detergent making
  • Dishwashing liquid formula
  • Lite duty cleaner
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Construction ,firefighting ,Industrial processing, Metal and industrial cleaner,
  • Railway cleaners ,pet shampoo formula, Pharmaceutical product making

and in the antiseptic soap making formulations.

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