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CHARECTERISTICS : Beeswax is also known as bees hive wax. It is the most popular and widely used natural wax. Its color is usually light brown or dark yellow. Refined and purified  bees wax is white in color.


  • 0.95


  • 62 to 65 OC


  • It is soluble in oil, chloroform and ether, insoluble in water.


  • It is explosive but harmless in edible form.


  • Technical, Food and Purified, B-P, U-S-P grades


  • Bees wax is used in many industries other than following products of cosmetic industry
  • Cold creams, beauty creams, foundation cream, eye mascara, moisturizing cream, body and face cream, hand and body lotions, beauty creams, lipsticks and lip gloss, day and night creams, creamy eye shadow, sun tan lotions, hair and face conditioners, anti-dandruff shampoos, hair and face conditioners, lip conditioning creams, all-purpose lotions, water proof make up, water proof mascara, eye liner and eye shadow stick, sun screen creams, sunscreen oils, baby creams, vitamin E creams, dry skin creams.
  • Bees wax is used in following industries too
  • Rubber making, paraffin wax formulas
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