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  • It is a widely used industrial pigment. It comes on 34th number in chemical products ranking in America.
  • It is prepared in three different grades. They include; channel black, thermal black, and furnace black.
  • Furnace black has an extensive application as compared to the other two grades.
  • It is a black colored powder that remains suspended in the air.


  • 1.8 to 2.1


  • It does not dissolve in any solvent


  • Powder, pallets, and paste


  • (ASTM) N660- F550N
  • N330 – N110 – N220
  • N761 – N762 – N601
  • 5300 (CANNEL) 5301


    • It is used in Tyre tread, belt covers, rubber making and rubber products, plastic making and plastic products, ultraviolet light observer, carbon paper, dyeing inks, type writer ribbons, Shoe polishes.
    • Carbon black is also used as a reinforcing agent, coloring agent in paint making, and coloring agent in printing inks.
  • It is also used in the cosmetic products like; eye mascara and eye liner.
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