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  • Castor oil is famous botanical oil which is obtained from the seeds of castor beans. Castor plant is found I abundance not only in Pakistan but also in other countries of world. People cultivate this plant for commercial reasons. It is a light yellow or white colored, clean thick oil that causes nausea. It has a bad smell and is considered as nondrying oil.


  • 0.9 4 to 0.96 (25 OC)


  • 85


48 OC


  • It is easily soluble in alcohol, chloroform, and carbon disulfid
  • Insoluble in water


  • Obtained by crushing caster seeds in machine

The oil obtained through cold method is used for medicinal purposes while the oil that comes through the hot process is used commercially


  • B P, U S P, F C C , refined number 1 and number 3
  • B P, U S P, F C C, REFINED NO 1 AND 3


  • It is flammable and harms the intestines if taken in excessive quantity

castor oil uses

  • Castor oil is widely used oil. It is used in the following industries

As a plasticizer in lacker and nitrocellulose, preparation of dibasic acids, poly urethene coatings, adhesives and rubber making formulas, fatty acids, surface active agents, hydrolic fluids, pharmaceuticals, industrial lubricants, electrical insulating compounds, medicine making, as a laxative in English and ayurvedic medicines.

  • Castor oil is used in many cosmetic products, but is mostly used in lipsticks and lip gloss. It is used in the following product too

Eye mascara, shampoos and herbal shampoos, hair conditioners, day and night creams, nail polish removers, toilet soaps, wrinkle removing creams, breast developing creams, cold creams and foundation creams, hand and body lotions, sun tan creams and lotions, moisturizing creams and lotions, shaving creams and liquid makeup.

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