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Other Names: Its other names are Cobalt(II) acetate or cobalt acetate.

Properties: Reddish-violet crystals form.

Solubility: It is easily soluble in acids, alcohol, and water.

Relative Density: 1.7043

Stability: It loses its stability when heated at 140°C.

Preparation: It is prepared by the reaction of cobalt carbonate with acetic acid.

Grades: It is found in the market as technical grade, pure grade, and CP grade.

Precautions: Strongly prohibited in food items in any form.


  • It is used in the making of synthetic inks.
  • Widely used in paint and varnish dryers.
  • It performs as a catalyst in many product-making processes.
  • Used in anodizing.
  • Has good characteristics as a foam stabilizer.
  • Used for mineral settlement.
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