Q1 How can I pass a transaction?
On the website, go to the main page, purchase a formula or select add to cart and proceed to checkout.
Q2 what are the formula service categories?
We have three categories that all have separate prices. You can choose a category and benefit from our formula services.
What is consultancy?
Our consulting services are completely reliable and fast. In the category you have selected, you can contact our team on time and get directions on raw materials, machine costs and marketing plan.
Q4 what are the payment methods?
You can send your payment by PayPal, credit card or western union.
Q5 when do you send formula sheets?
When our management team found that the transactions were complete, they would send this data to the management team and the required data to their clients.
How long will it take to get the data sheets?
The required data will be sent by email, downloadable link in 72 hours or three working days.
Q7 If you are having trouble with the datasheet, how can you fix it?
You can go to the website and send us your problem, our technical team will give you the best solution.
Q8 Is the payment refundable or not?
All payments are nonrefundable.
Q9 Should all payments be in dollars?
Yes! Because most countries have different exchange rates, use this international currency.
Q9 in many countries PayPal does not work, so how can we send payments from these countries?
You can use other ways the inclusion of Western Union, bank transfer and credit card.
It is important to note that if you send a payment via Western Union, a credit card or a credit card, we will inform you within three business days and send you the required data sheets.