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  • Formaldehyde other names are
  • Oxymethylene, formic aldehyde methyl,
  • Present in the form of gas as well in  aqueous concentrated form. Basically it is a gas that is present in the air. In its aqueous form, a 37 % to 50% solution is made which is called formalin. Formalin has 15% methanol.
  • It has a pungent smell and its boiling point is -19 OC
  • The freezing point is -118 C with an auto ignition point as 430degree Celsius.
  • It is soluble in water and alcohol but non soluble in non polar compound.


  • It is 37% solution with 15 % methanol and the boiling point is 96C
  • The flash point is 50 degree Celsius (without methanol)
  • Density is 1.08



  • It is obtained by the synthetic oxidation of methanol.
  • Also obtained by the oxidation of petroleum gases like propene and butane having low temperatures
  • Silver, copper and iron molybdenum oxides are the catalyst that help in the oxidation


Aqueous solution  (formalin) 37, 40, 44 and 50 percent


  • It can be poisonous if inhaled so always waer mask to aviode sniffing .
  • Causes irritation and is flammable in nature


  • It is using heavely in reacent time for the making of urea and melamine resins also use in  phenolic resins manufacturing and in  ethylene glycol preparation. So it widely use in  fertilizers,  hardening agent, reducing agent, textile fabrics, cosmetic manufacturing, adhesives, germ killing chemicals.
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