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  • Its other names are
  • Oxymethylene, formic aldehyde methyl,
  • Present in the form of gas or aqueous concentrated form. Basically it is a gas that is present in the air. In its aqueous form, a 37 % to 50% solution is made which is called formalin. Formalin has 15% methanol.
  • It has a pungent smell and its boiling point is -19 OC
  • The freezing point is -118 C with an auto ignition point as 430degree Celsius.
  • It is soluble in water and alcohol.


  • It is 37% solution with 15 % methanol and the boiling point is 96C
  • The flash point is 50 degree Celsius (without methanol)
  • Density is 1.08



  • It is obtained by the synthetic oxidation of methanol.
  • Also obtained by the oxidation of petroleum gases like propene and butane having low temperatures
  • Silver, copper and iron molybdenum oxides are the catalyst that help in the oxidation


Aqueous solution  (formalin) 37, 40, 44 and 50 percent


  • It can be poisonous if inhaled.
  • Causes irritation and is flammable in nature


  • It is used in the urea and melamine resins, phenolic resins, ethylene glycol, fertilizers,  hardening agent, reducing agent, textile fabrics, cosmetic manufacturing, adhesives, germ killing chemicals.
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