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Lanolin is among those waxes that are extensively used in the cosmetic industry. Many compounds have been made by amalgamating other chemical compounds in Lanolin to prepare beauty care products.


  • It is obtained from the wool of sheep. The ratio of water in it is 25 to 30 percent.
  • It is obtained in yellow and dark yellow colors. One of its grades is called hydrous and other is known as anhydrous.
  • Hydrous lanolin is soluble in water while anhydrous lanolin is dissolved in double amount of water. The ratio of water in this grade is about 25%


  • It is harmless in oral  form


  • Technical, Cosmetic, and B P


lanolin uses

  • It is widely used in cosmetic industry as compared to the other industries.
  • Lanolin is used in many cosmetic products like lipstick, lip gloss, dry face creams, beauty creams, cold creams, moisturizing creams, sun tan cream and lotions, sun screen creams and lotions, hand and body lotions, shampoos and hair conditioners, baby lotions, high quality toilet soaps, shaving creams, beauty lotions, hair dressings, eye makeup, baby light creams, baby skin creams, skin bleach creams, beauty lotions, shaving creams, body smooth creams and wrinkr removers, makeup sticks, bath oils, vanishing creams, sun screen creams, foundation creams, eye mascara.
  • Also used in rubber making formulas like packing type adhesives, and other products.
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