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Nigrosin is a synthetic organic compound used as a dye, known for its deep black color.


It is soluble in water, alcohol, and other solvents, depending on its specific formulation.

It is available in various forms, including water-soluble and oil-soluble types, each suited for different applications.


  • It is a kind of dark blue or black colored dyes
  • Some of them are soluble in water
  • While others are soluble in alcohol and oils

Microscopy and Staining: In biological laboratories, nigrosin is using now as a negative stain in microscopy, helping to visualize cells and structures that do not easily take up positive stains. It creates a contrasting dark background against which transparent or lightly colored specimens stand out.

Nigrosin Uses

  • Boot polish formulas, textile dying, leather dying, wood dying and ink making formula.


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