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Paraffin Wax is also called paraffin scale or paraffin.

Properties: Paraffin Wax is odorless ,tasteless ,solid white hydrocarbon mixture

High molecular weight C36H74

Solubility: Readily soluble in Benzene, Warm alcohol, chloroform ,Terpene oil olive oil and in car disulfide.

Insoluble in water and in acids.

Density:  0.880 to 0.915

Melting point :   47 to 65OC

Flash point:   390 F or 198OC.

Autoignition temperature:   245OC

Grades: Yellowish Raw Scale ,White scale ,Refined wax ,N-F and cosmetics grades are available in the market

Precaution: flammable, orally poisonous


It is multifunctional use in various industries for the manufacturing of these products like

paraffin wax candles is use in candle making ,Cosmetics products to make  paraffin feet wax

although it also in many personal care formulations.

In the paper industry use as a coating agent,

In the hotmelt carpet backing ,match industry ,shoe polishes and many other polishing products.

As a Electrical insulating , Photography ,As sugar refining agent ,In Jew gum as base product ,

It plays vital role in floor polishes as well as used  In the rubber products as a mold releasing agent ,In the lubricants and grease making formulations .In the Furniture and car polishing products manufacturing. 

Liquid shoe polish making along with Metal polish and paste formulations . It becomes a shoe polish  waterproofing agent,

Aerosol spray polishing products as well as in the car wash and wax formulations ,Emulsion polish making ,Household floor finish

Aluminum cleaning compounds also used in the many electroplating formulations  like Nickel ,Chrome ,Copper and brass cleaning and

In many polishing formulas this chemical is used as a primary component, it is also  used in  chromium polish  manufacturing.

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