Anti-Scale Car radiator coolant and Cleaner Formula

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Car radiator coolant is a double working formula pack in steel can with florescent green color . It is not only drain  the radiator pipes very smoothly . Car radiator coolant also adds  the strong additives make this formula extra strength for water parts of car engine. Car radiator cleaning is highly technical job but it can be done by some chemicals.

  1. Anti-Scale Car Radiator Coolant Additive: Coolant additives with anti-scale properties which has an ability to prevent mineral deposits and scaling from forming in the car’s cooling system. These additives typically contain rust inhibitors and surfactants that help keep the cooling system clean and free from scaling, thereby improving its efficiency and preventing clogs. These additives add  to the coolant during the regular coolant replacement or maintenance.
  2. Cooling System Cleaner:  Cooling system cleaners have their main function  to remove scale, rust, These cleaners are used during a cooling system flush to help dislodge.  It is ensuring the cooling system functions optimally and efficiently.  It is important to thoroughly flush the system and refill it with the appropriate coolant mixture.

Radiator helps in maintaining the car’s engine temperature to the optimum level. It pushes coolant into the engine, to keep it cool and prevent it from overheating. Over time car’s radiator gets block because of scale, grease buildup, and other debris. It can cause blockage in the cooling system, which may further cause engine damage due to overheating. Flushing out the radiator with radiator cleaner and coolant can help prevent scale and debris from blocking your engine.

You can manufacture this item on a smaller scale or for personal use with the stated formula and procedure.