Black Corrugated Printing Ink formula

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Black corrugated printing Ink formula is specially formulated inks used for printing on corrugated cardboard or paperboard. Corrugated cardboard is commonly used for packaging materials, such as shipping boxes and displays. Black ink is often used for printing text, graphics, or logos on corrugated surfaces, providing contrast and visibility. Here are some key features and considerations regarding black corrugated printing inks formulation:

  1. Pigment-based formulation: Black corrugated printing inks are typically pigment-based, meaning they contain solid particles (pigments) that provide color and opacity. Pigments offer better coverage and resistance to fading compared to dyes.
  2. Opacity and coverage: Black ink is known for its high opacity, allowing it to provide solid and intense coverage on corrugated surfaces. This ensures that the printed text or images stand out prominently.
  3. Fast-drying: Black corrugated printing inks are designed to dry quickly on porous surfaces like corrugated cardboard. Fast drying minimizes the risk of smudging or smearing during handling and processing.
  4. Adhesion to corrugated surfaces: Corrugated printing inks are formulated to adhere well to the rough and porous surface of corrugated cardboard. They are designed to resist flaking or cracking, ensuring long-lasting and durable prints.
  5. Resistance to rub-off and scuffing: Corrugated ink formulations often include additives that improve the ink’s resistance to rub-off and scuffing. This ensures that the printed content remains legible and intact during transportation and handling.
  6. Environmental considerations: Many ink manufacturers offer black corrugated printing inks that are formulated with consideration for environmental impact. These inks may have reduced levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or may be formulated with renewable resources.

When making the black corrugated printing inks, it is important to ensure the formulation must be compatibility with the printing process and equipment used. Consult the CFS ink manufacturer or supplier for specific recommendations on application techniques, such as ink viscosity, printing pressure, and drying methods.

Overall, starting a black corrugated printing inks making business play a crucial role in the industry as it  enhancing the appearance and legibility of printed text and graphics on corrugated cardboard. We offer high opacity, fast drying, and good adhesion Black Corrugated Printing Inks product to ensure clear and durable prints for packaging and display purposes.