Black ink for Paper Board Printing

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Black ink for paper board printing formula is specifically formulated for printing on paperboard or cardboard substrates. Paperboard is a thicker and more rigid type of paper commonly used for packaging, signage, displays, and other applications that require sturdiness.

 Key aspects related to black ink for paper board printing formula

  1. Ink Formulation: Black ink for paper board printing is formulated to meet the requirements of printing on this specific substrate. It typically consists of pigments or dyes, binders, solvents, and additives. The choice of pigments or dyes determines the specific shade and intensity of black, while the binder helps hold the pigment particles together and adhere to the paperboard. Solvents are used to dissolve or disperse the ink components, and additives may be included to improve ink flow, drying, and other ink properties.
  2. Opacity and Coverage: Black ink for paper board printing is designed to provide high opacity and coverage. The ink formulation ensures that the black color appears solid and dense, effectively covering the underlying surface of the paperboard. This is particularly important when printing on darker or colored paperboard, where the ink needs to provide excellent coverage and prevent the substrate color from affecting the final black appearance.
  3. Adhesion and Durability: Black ink for paper board printing is formulated to have good adhesion to the paperboard surface, ensuring it adheres well and resists cracking or peeling. The ink should be durable and able to withstand handling, transportation, and other environmental factors without significant deterioration or loss of color intensity.
  4. Drying Time: Black ink for paper board printing should dry within a reasonable timeframe to prevent smudging or offsetting during subsequent processes. The drying time depends on factors such as ink formulation, printing conditions, and the absorbency of the paperboard. Quick drying is essential to facilitate efficient production and further processing, such as stacking, cutting, or finishing.
  5. Ink Compatibility: The ink formulation should be compatible with the printing equipment and processes used for paper board printing. It should work well with the specific printing press, ink delivery system, and drying methods employed in the production environment. Good ink compatibility ensures smooth printing operation and consistent print quality.

Ink Making Guide

Black ink for paper board printing is crucial for achieving high-quality and visually appealing results on this specific substrate. Our formulation and processing techniques will ensure deep black color reproduction, high opacity, good coverage, adhesion, and durability. With this professional  ink formulation, printing on paperboard can yield professional and eye-catching packaging, displays, and other paperboard-based products.