Car Glass Cleaner Formula

$ 60



A car glass cleaner liquid  is a  cleaning product  to  clean the windows and windshield of an auto. It  works to remove dirt, grime, water spots, bug splatters, and other residues that can accumulate on automotive glass surfaces. Car glass cleaner spray  is usually  in liquid form   and it is used  with microfiber cloths or paper towels .

There is a huge difference between a glass window and a car windscreen  . A car glass suffered heavy wind pressure with tiny stones which made scratches on the screen. Valuable Auto products making business is spreading in all auto markets very quickly.

A quality glass cleaner spray  easily removes the Stains from dirt and grime on the glass surface.

This product cleanses the surfaces and gives a shiny and decent look. The chemicals of the product not only remove the stains and dust from the glass, but also increase the visibility.

The production and sale of this product can be a good source of income for you.

Just follow the given formulation technique, and start earning money.