Detergent and water Resistance Car Polish Formula

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This incredible product protects your car paint from harmful effects like acid rain. It does not let water stay on the surface; instead, water rolls off it, repelling rain fully during the rainy season.

It also maintains the repelling effect even after multiple car washes. The detergent repellent formula protects the surface and paints from the damaging effects of detergent.

This product is quite popular among car owners due to the great features that make it a demanding product. You can make this item your business product by producing it with the given method.

These compounds are used to level the uneven surfaces on the car’s paint. It is also called a ‘leveling compound’ as it smoothens the rough surface caused due to scratches. It can also be termed as the beginning level of handling and taking care of the car’s paint. The waxing and polishing are done after it.