Dish Washing Liquid Formula Gel Type

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it is the commercially  used  dish washing gel type liquid formula can be sold easily at super store ,hotels ,Restaurants and catering shop in various sizes of bottles as well as in bulk quantity. This formula is specially designed for grease cutting  with high foaming results having a balance PH value.Let’s make this amazing product by our formula services and starting the small scale business with a great confidence.

Dishwashing gel is specially formulated to use in automatic dishwashers. However, it can also be used to wash the dishes with hands. The gel gives a strong and deep cleaning power plus a shine enhancer to cut food stains like oil, coffee, and tea. 


This gel works effectively and quickly to get your dishes glossy clean.

If you want to know more about the formula and the manufacturing process of this cleansing gel, you can read the details stated here.