Water-based Engine Cleaner Formula

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A water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, heavy-duty degreaser composition is provided that is particularly useful for cleaning car engine parts, engines surface , pipes and processing equipment employed in the marine and refining industries. Because the compound is water-based and therefore does not contain volatile solvents or unwanted petroleum-based products, it is environmentally desirable for removing oil from tanks, boilers, decks, and the like, and for removing toxic and certain contaminants. Avoids the use of highly flammable organic solvents.

The Engine degreaser making products gaining the huge market volume in auto accessory with the every passing day. Basically the Engine degreaser is used to safely remove the dirt, oil and grease from engines. The production of these products can be start at all scales mean from the small business to industrial production .It is very easy to make the Engine degreaser with the latest hi tech formulation. An unclean engine can cause serious problems that are costly and sometimes impossible to correct