Epoxy Floor Wax Formulation

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Epoxy floor wax formulation is not a common product in the flooring industry. Epoxy is typically used as a coating for concrete floors to provide a durable, high-gloss finish that is resistant to stains, chemicals, and wear. It is not referred to as “wax” because epoxy coatings are fundamentally different from traditional floor waxes.

The formulation of this product is to clean and polish the epoxy floors. These floors are commonly installed in restaurants, retail stores, departmental stores, warehouses, and factories, as they withstand high traffic.

Floor Wax: Floor wax, on the other hand, is typically used as a protective coating for certain types of floors, such as hardwood, linoleum, or vinyl. Wax provides a low sheen and a layer of protection against scratches and stains. It gives the floor a glossy appearance and can be buffed to a shine. However, wax finishes require regular maintenance and reapplication to keep the floor looking its best. They are commonly used in residential settings or low-traffic areas where aesthetics are prioritized over heavy-duty durability.

Types of Epoxy Floor Wax

Epoxy floor wax serves as a protective and finishing layer for epoxy-coated floors, adding not only a glossy shine but also extending the floor’s durability and resistance to wear, chemicals, and stains. There are different types of epoxy floor waxes designed to meet specific needs based on the environment and traffic conditions of the floor.

The Epoxy floor wax formulation removes the scratches, scuffs, and tough stains easily. It also eliminates the spots of any chemicals on the floors of the manufacturing setup.

This product is different from the general industrial and commercial floor cleaners as it is for epoxy grounds and may not suitable for the other kinds of floor .

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