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A fabric stain removing spray is a cleaning product designed to help remove stains from various types of fabric. Such as clothing, upholstery, and linens. fabric stain remover spray typically come in aerosol or pump spray bottles and contain specific chemical agents or enzymes. These agents  break down and lift stains from the fabric fibers.

Here’s how to use a best fabric stain remover spray effectively:

In every home there is no any clothe where tough stain of milk ,tea ,coffee and sometime metal colors or rust habitat on the expensive dresses. Now the time changed it is time to oxi-clean action formula just spray on the tough stain wait for  five mints and the stain would  vanish as magician do in his tricks.

The stain remover comes with a formula that effectively removes the stains from the clothes. It can 100% remove tough stains like grease, oil, coffee, and tea. The chemical does not harm the quality and the color of the fabrics. It gives a shiny and bright appearance to the clothes. Keep in mind that not all stains can be removed, and the effectiveness of a fabric stain-removing spray . It may vary depending on the type and age of the stain, as well as the type of fabric.  Always handle stain removers in a well-ventilated area and follow safety precautions.  The fabric stain remover can be used to effectively remove the strains from any kind of fabric.

The material required to manufacture the stain remover is available in the market . you can make this product at home by following the stated method.

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