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Fireproof glue formulation, also known as heat-resistant adhesive or high-temperature adhesive, is a type of adhesive specifically formulated to withstand high temperatures without losing its bonding properties or breaking down. Fire retardant adhesive spray is commonly used in applications where materials need to be joined or sealed in environments with elevated temperatures, such as in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Fireproof glue formulation properties

  1. High Temperature Resistance: Fireproof glue is designed to withstand temperatures significantly higher than those tolerated by standard adhesives. It can typically withstand temperatures ranging from 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius) to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1093 degrees Celsius), depending on the specific product.
  2. Excellent Bonding Strength: It maintains its bonding strength even when exposed to extreme heat. This is crucial for applications where structural integrity is essential.
  3. Fire and Flame Resistance: Fireproof glues are the best formula for  fire-resistant and which do not contribute to the spread of flames. They may contain fire-retardant additives.
  4. Chemical Resistance: Some fireproof adhesives offer resistance to chemicals and environmental factors, making them suitable for harsh industrial environments.
  5. Variety of Applications: Fireproof glue can be used in various applications, including attaching heat shields in automotive systems. The bonding firebricks in furnaces and fireplaces, sealing joints in high-temperature ductwork, and repairing or fabricating metal parts exposed to extreme heat.
  6. Curing Mechanism: The curing mechanism (how it sets and hardens) of fireproof glue can vary.  The choice depends on the specific requirements of the application.
  7. Color Options: Some heat-resistant adhesives come in different colors to match the materials they are bonding or sealing.
  8. Flexibility: Depending on the formulation, some fireproof glues offer flexibility to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction without losing their bond.

fire retardant adhesive spray product guide

Aqueous fire retardant adhesive spray that uses water as a reducing agent has no emission of organic matter. No pollution to human bodies or the environment. Too difficult a blockage of the spray gun, and no danger of production or use.
Aqueous spray adhesives have the advantages of strong heat resistance . The excellent flame retardancy performance, avoiding the appearance of fire of sprayed products and reducing the continuous spread of fire.
Glue spraying and production of a variety of problems in use . A type of water-based fire retardant spraying glue that overcomes the  problems and production technology.
To achieve good product manufacturing, technical and chemical solutions are contained in this data sheet used in the fireproof glue manufacturing business.