Fluorescent Ink Formulation

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Fluorescent ink formulation is a type of ink that emits bright and vibrant colors under ultraviolet (UV) light. It is commonly used in various printing applications, including advertising, signage, safety labels, packaging, and more, to create eye-catching and attention-grabbing effects.
There is a huge industry of printing ink and one of them is an invisible ink making business widely used in secret documents currency notes and other Fluorescent inks are based on pigments that have the ability to absorb Ultraviolet energy and virtually immediately re-emit this energy within the visible spectrum.  Fluorescent inks should be printed on white or light backgrounds, which act as a reflector base, and enhance the fluorescence.

Modern UV-invisible ink is mainly made by a fluorescent derived from things in nature that glow when exposed to an ultraviolet light. The main components include dilute laundry detergent, body fluids, tonic water and vitamin B-12 dissolved in vinegar.

Invisible Ink Markers Light Up with the UV Light (included). Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, High Quality, Long Lasting, Waterproof. Make the high quality inks by our formula and start the ink industry without any resistance.