High Gloss Foil Ink Formulations

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High gloss foil ink formula is a type of printing ink specially formulated to create a shiny and reflective metallic finish on various substrates, typically paper and board. It is commonly used in printing applications where a luxurious and eye-catching appearance is desired, such as packaging, labels, invitations, and promotional materials.

The ink contains metallic pigments or additives that produce a mirror-like, high-gloss effect when printed onto the substrate. The ink is applied using various printing methods, such as offset printing, flexographic printing, or screen printing, depending on the specific application and the equipment available.

Key characteristics of high gloss foil ink formula

  1. Metallic Appearance: The ink contains metallic particles that give it a shiny and reflective appearance similar to that of metal foil.
  2. High Gloss: The ink provides a glossy and polished finish, enhancing the visual appeal of the printed material.
  3. Opacity: High gloss foil ink is often highly opaque, allowing it to cover the underlying substrate effectively, even on dark-colored materials.
  4. Adhesion: The ink is designed to adhere well to the substrate, ensuring durability and preventing flaking or peeling.
  5. Fast Drying: Quick drying times are essential to maintain production efficiency, especially for high-speed printing processes.
  6. Compatibility: High gloss foil ink should be compatible with the chosen printing method and printing equipment to ensure smooth and consistent application.
  7. UV and Scratch Resistance: The ink should offer some level of resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light and scratches, ensuring that the metallic finish remains intact and vibrant.

Ink Making product guide

The  high gloss foil ink is different from actual metallic foiling, where a separate layer of metal foil is applied to the substrate using heat and pressure. While foil stamping provides an even more pronounced metallic effect and texture, high gloss foil ink offers a cost-effective alternative for achieving a similar look without the need for additional production steps.

As with any printing ink, proper handling, storage, and usage according to the our formulator’s guidelines are crucial to achieving the desired results with high gloss foil ink.