Ink formula for Label and Gloss Tag

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The ink formula for label and gloss tag can vary depending on the specific application, printing method, and desired characteristics of the final product. Different printing technologies, such as flexographic, offset, digital, or gravure printing, may require different types of inks.

Commonly used inks formula for printing labels and gloss tags include:

  1. Water-based inks: These inks are environmentally friendly and are often used for paper-based labels and tags. They are well-suited for flexographic and offset printing processes.
  2. Solvent-based inks: These inks contain organic solvents and are used for printing on various substrates, including plastics and films. They are known for their fast drying properties and resistance to water and chemicals.
  3. UV-curable inks: These inks are cured using ultraviolet (UV) light, making them ideal for printing on non-porous materials like glossy papers, plastics, and metallic surfaces.
  4. Eco-solvent inks: Similar to solvent-based inks, eco-solvent inks have lower VOC (volatile organic compound) content and are used for outdoor applications as they offer good durability and weather resistance.
  5. Digital inks: Digital printing methods, such as inkjet or laser printing, use specialized inks tailored to the printer technology and substrate.

The choice of ink will depend on factors such as the printing method, the substrate material (paper, plastic, etc.), the required print quality, and the intended use of the labels or gloss tags. It’s essential to consult with a printing specialist or an ink supplier who can provide you with the most suitable ink options based on your specific requirements. Always ensure that the selected ink is compatible with your printing equipment and meets any regulatory or safety standards necessary for your application.

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