Liquid Laundry Detergent Formula

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There was a time when the majority of people use powder detergent to clean the cloths but now the trend change and the liquid laundry detergent gaining a huge share in FMCG market. It is easy to start the Liquid laundry with pleasant fragrance along with good cleaning properties. It is observed that a clear, pourable liquid laundry detergent formulation consist of one or more alcohol ethoxylate compounds, one or more alcohol ethoxysulfate compounds, one or more alkyl sulfonate compounds, water and, optionally, one or more organic water-soluble builders. .
The soap industry is currently very interested in concentrated detergent products. These products provide benefits to consumers, who have a product that can be used more easily and in smaller quantities. The products also provide benefits to the manufacturer and distributor, with reduced transportation and warehousing costs. The production of concentrated laundry liquids containing high levels of surfactant and builder. It is very difficult to solubility of surfactant and most builders in water.
It has been found that the use of alcohol ethoxylate compounds allows higher levels of both surfactant and builder to be added to billet and unbilled laundry liquids than is possible in laundry liquids containing alcohol ethoxylate compounds with different carbon numbers. It has further been found that the concentration of both surfactant and builder can be increased without adversely affecting the clarity or flow of laundry liquids.