Nitriding Salt Composition for Heat Treatment Process

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The composition of the nitriding salt bath used in the heat treatment process can vary depending on the specific nitriding method employed.

For salt bath nitriding: Salt bath nitriding involves immersing the parts in a bath of molten salts containing nitrogen-bearing compounds. The specific composition of the salt bath can vary depending on factors such as the desired nitriding depth, material being treated, and process requirements. However, a common salt composition used for salt bath nitriding is:

  • Cyanide-based salts: In traditional salt bath nitriding, cyanide-based salts are used as a source of nitrogen. These salts typically contain cyanide compounds such as sodium cyanide (NaCN) or potassium cyanide (KCN). However, it’s important to note that the use of cyanide salts raises environmental and safety concerns.
  • Non-cyanide salts: To address the environmental and safety concerns associated with cyanide-based salts, non-cyanide alternatives have been developed. These non-cyanide salts use different nitrogen-bearing compounds, such as nitrites, nitrocarburates, or urea derivatives, to provide a source of nitrogen for the nitriding process. The specific composition of non-cyanide salt baths may vary depending on the specific product or process used.

To absorb the nitrogen and less the carbon on the surface of steel part  for case hardening the  low carbon medium carbon and non ferrous metal highly recommended for auto parts where required a super friction properties .There are so many formulas of nitriding salt bath but this formula producing the top quality nitriding process  for the Heat treatment industry

Low temperature nitriding with high friction rate suitable for tool steel and auto mechanical products just away from your reach.