Plastisol spray coating Formula

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Plastisol spray coating formulation is a type of coating method that involves the application of a liquid plastisol material onto a surface using a spray gun or spray system. Plastisol is a liquid compound consisting of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, plasticizers, and other additives. It is commonly used in applications where a durable and flexible coating is required.

Processing  of plastisol spray coating

1. Surface Preparation: The surface to be coated should be properly cleaned and prepared. It should be free from dust, dirt, oils, and any other contaminants that could affect adhesion.
2. Mixing the Plastisol: The plastisol material needs to be thoroughly mixed to ensure proper dispersion of the additives and achieve a consistent viscosity. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and any specific temperature requirements.
3. Spray Application: The mixed plastisol is loaded into a spray gun or spray system. The spray gun is used to evenly apply the plastisol onto the surface. The spraying technique may vary depending on the desired coating thickness and appearance. Multiple coats may be applied, allowing sufficient drying time between each coat.
4. Fusion and Curing: After the plastisol is applied, the coated object is typically heated to initiate the fusion and curing process. The heating temperature and time will depend on the specific plastisol formulation and desired properties. Heating causes the PVC resin to melt and bond together, forming a solid and durable coating.
5. Cooling and Inspection: After the curing process, the coated object is allowed to cool down. Once cooled, the coated surface can be inspected for any defects or imperfections. Touch-ups or additional coats can be applied if needed.

product guide plastisol spray coating

Plastisol spray coating offers several advantages, including excellent durability, chemical resistance, flexibility, and a smooth and uniform finish. It is commonly used for applications such as protective coatings, tool handles, automotive parts, and various industrial components.
It’s important to follow the CFS formulator’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific plastisol product being used. This PDF data sheet also includes proper ventilation, safety precautions,
Spray coating is used to apply a very thin film coating of plastisol to a substrate. The substrate is sprayed with heated liquid plastisol by a gun, and then heated to allow the plastisol to solidify.