Porcelain Adhesive Tile Formula

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Ceramic tile is becoming an important material in the construction industry, rich color, and the pattern is different, not only can play the effect of landscape, and has the advantage of fast water speed, hard, characteristic ability such as health, Easy cleaning, and therefore what is used in construction work is more extensive.
At present, the development trend of ceramic tile is that of size polarization. It is observed that the bulk ceramic tile is more prominent in terms of pattern, structure and decorative effect, has increased in popularity in the completion of large-scale office building, auditorium, hotel, large-area residential buildings.

Thin ceramic tile formula is energy saving, low trucking cost, applicable for small space decoration such as kitchen, toilet. The above two class ceramic tiles require a lot of time for the ceramic tile adhesive air drying process, when the ceramic tile adhesive painting needs to be scratched on the base material, the mortar will keep wet for a long time. Can maintain, does not dry or peel the surface, thiering provides the workman more working time for pasting, ensuring that the pasted ceramic tile is smooth. , for the main raw materials, the existing slim ceramic tile adhesive is modified with cleaning, redispersion rubber powder and cellulose ether with cement and quartz sand. According to the standard, this type of ceramic tile adhesive is air-dried. The time is about 20 minutes, the air drying process takes only 30 minutes, cannot meet the requirement of very thin ceramic stack-up. tile. This formula will bring prosperity in the life as it is highly demanding product.