Millable Polyurethane Gum Formulation

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Millable polyurethane gum, also known as millable polyurethane rubber or millable urethane rubber, is a type of polyurethane elastomer that is specifically formulated to be milled or processed using conventional rubber processing equipment. It is commonly used in industries where custom parts or products with specific shapes and sizes are required.

 Millable polyurethane gum formulation

  1. 1. Composition: Millable polyurethane gum is typically composed of a mixture of polyols, isocyanates, curatives, fillers, and additives. These components are combined to create a viscous gum-like material that can be processed using milling equipment.
    2. Milling Process: Milling refers to the mechanical processing of the gum material to achieve the desired shape or form. The gum is first softened or warmed to make it more pliable, and then it is fed into a mill or mixer where it is subjected to shear forces, pressure, and heat. This process helps to break down the gum and distribute the additives uniformly throughout the material.
    3. Properties: Millable polyurethane gum offers a range of properties that make it suitable for various applications. It exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, tear strength, and resilience, which allows it to withstand repeated stress and deformation. It also has good chemical resistance, low compression set, and good dimensional stability.
    4. Customization: One of the key advantages of millable polyurethane gum is its ability to be customized to meet specific requirements. The formulation can be tailored to achieve desired hardness, flexibility, or other mechanical properties. Additionally, colorants and other additives can be incorporated into the gum to enhance its appearance and performance.
    5. Applications: Millable polyurethane gum finds applications in a wide range of industries. It is commonly used in manufacturing custom seals, gaskets, rollers, belting, bushings, and other molded rubber products. Its versatility and customization options make it suitable for applications where conventional rubber materials may not meet the specific requirements.
    6. Advantages: Millable polyurethane gum offers several advantages over other materials. It has excellent wear resistance, even in demanding environments. It can be easily molded or machined into complex shapes, allowing for the production of intricate parts. The material also exhibits good chemical resistance and has a wide temperature range of usability.