Asphalt Rubber joint Sealant Formula

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This formula is mention clearly when a  space between concrete slabs is filled using polypropylene tow saturated with cationic asphalt emulsion. The tow can be saturated before or after it is inserted into the joint or crack. Several layers of tow can be used to fill up to about A-inch below the floor surface and cationic asphalt emulsion can be added to bring the packed joint level to about an inch above the floor surface.

A polymer-modified asphalt composition consists of asphalt, an oil, a polymer additive and an ionomer. The compound can be used in sealants to seal cracks or joints in concrete or asphalt structures. The sealant is applied to the crack or joint in an amount sufficient to fill the crack or joint and the sealant is cured to bond the crack or joint. The mixture can be prepared by heating a mixture of asphalt, oil, a polymer additive, an aggregate and an ionomer, and mixing the mixture until the ingredients are evenly mixed.