Steam Glue Formulation

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Steam glue formulation” typically refers to an adhesive product that is activated or applied using steam. Steam-activated glues have been used in various applications, particularly in bookbinding and woodworking. However, the term “steam glue” is not widely used, and it is more commonly known as “hide glue” or “animal glue.”

  1. Raw materials: The main raw material for making steam glue formulation is animal hides or connective tissues, such as those derived from cows, pigs, or horses. These materials contain collagen, which is the primary component used to create the steam  glue formulation.
  2. Soaking: The hides or connective tissues are soaked in water for an extended period to soften them and remove impurities. This process is known as “liming” and helps in the subsequent extraction of collagen.
  3. Steaming: After soaking, the hides or connective tissues are placed in a steam cooker or steamer. Steam is applied to the materials to break down the collagen and release it from the fibers.
  4. Extraction: The steam causes the collagen to dissolve and separate from the other components of the hides or connective tissues. This collagen-rich mixture is collected and strained to remove any remaining solid particles.
  5. Filtering and concentration: The extracted collagen solution is then filtered to remove any impurities or debris. It is subsequently concentrated by heating to reduce the water content and achieve the desired consistency for the glue.
  6. Cooling and solidification: The concentrated collagen solution is allowed to cool, causing it to solidify and form a gelatinous substance. This gelatinous material is the final glue product.

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