Tyre Retreading Formulation

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Tyre Retreading formulation is a process of refurbishing worn-out or damaged tires to extend their service life and reduce waste. Retreading involves replacing the worn tread of a tire with a new tread, while reusing the structurally sound tire casing. It is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to manufacturing new tires from scratch.

 Tyre retreading  Formulation process

  1. Inspection: The old tire casing is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is structurally sound and suitable for retreading. Any damage or defects that could compromise the safety and performance of the retreaded tire are identified and repaired.
  2. Buffing: The old tread is mechanically buffed or rasped to remove the remaining tread rubber and create a smooth surface for the application of new tread rubber. The buffing process helps to expose fresh rubber and prepare the casing for bonding.
  3. Skiving: In some cases, a thin layer of rubber is removed from the sidewalls of the casing to ensure proper adhesion of the new tread.
  4. Cementing: A layer of bonding cement or adhesive is applied to the buffed surface of the casing. This cement helps create a strong bond between the casing and the new tread rubber.
  5. Tread Application: The new tread rubber, usually pre-cured or vulcanized rubber, is applied to the prepared casing using specialized machinery. The tread is positioned and aligned properly to ensure uniformity and balance.
  6. Curing: The retreaded tire is placed in a curing chamber, where it undergoes a vulcanization process. Heat and pressure are applied to bond the new tread rubber to the casing, ensuring a strong and durable connection.
  7. Final Inspection: Once the curing process is complete, the retreaded tire is inspected for quality control. It is checked for proper adhesion, balance, tread depth, and any defects. Any necessary adjustments or repairs are made.
  8. Reassembly and Balancing: The retreaded tire is mounted on a rim and inflated to the recommended pressure. It is then balanced to ensure even weight distribution, reducing vibrations and improving overall performance.

Product guide

Tyre retreading is a common practice in the commercial trucking industry, where tires undergo significant wear and tear. Retreaded tires can offer comparable performance to new tires at a lower cost, while also reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new tires. It’s worth noting that the retreading process is typically carried out by specialized retreading facilities with the necessary equipment, expertise, and quality control measures.

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