Wall patching Adhesive Formula

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Wall patching adhesive is a type of adhesive specifically formulated for repairing and patching damaged walls. It is used to bond patching materials, such as drywall patches or joint compound, to the existing wall surface, creating a smooth and seamless repair.

Creating channels and access holes in drywall for laying data lines, running electrical wiring and plumbing pipes is common in the construction trade. Repair patches are commercially available for repairing holes, or other defects, so that after applying a joint compound which is plastering compound, the hole or defect is completely covered without any trace of its presence. However, no system is currently available to efficiently and adequately repair common cut channels, which are typically at least 3 to 5 inches wide and run from a few feet to any length. Which usually needs to be created by electricians, plumbers and others. .
The current, most popular drywall patch consists of a fiberglass mesh material and a metal plate. The self-adhesive mesh holds the metal drywall patch in position during the repair, allowing cement products such as quick-set plaster (or joint compound) to be applied to it.
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