Mastic Adhesive for Tile Formula

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Mastic Adhesive for Tile formula is suitable for attaching plastic tiles to the wall. even then. More particularly, the invention relates to a rectangle of rubber resin for permanently attaching plastic tiles such as polystyrene tiles to a wall or other surface.
Adhesives used to attach plastic tiles to a wall or other surface must have a series of special properties. They have good aging properties, a short, sharp nature that allows the tile to set without slipping, and open or set over time. Of these, the aging property is perhaps the most important because one of the shortcomings of older mastics is the lack of adhesion and retention behind the tile after several years of aging.
It is the primary purpose of this formula to provide a plastic tile adhesive with exceptionally good aging properties. Another object of this formula is to provide an adhesive having a longer option of its life.