Water Based Flexo Graphic Ink Formula

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Water based flexo graphic ink formula is a type of ink used in flexographic printing that utilizes water as the primary solvent or carrier instead of traditional petroleum-based solvents. It is a more environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based flexo inks, making it particularly suitable for printing on various packaging materials, including those used in the food industry.

Key characteristics water based flexo graphic ink formula

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Water-based inks have a lower environmental impact compared to solvent-based inks since they have reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. This makes them compliant with stricter environmental regulations and safer for both operators and the environment.
  2. Low Odor: Water-based inks generally have a lower odor than solvent-based inks, which is advantageous for indoor printing environments and applications where odor may be a concern, such as food packaging.
  3. Good Print Quality: Water-based flexo inks can deliver excellent print quality and color vibrancy, making them suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, including labels and corrugated boxes.
  4. High Pigment Load: Water-based inks can accommodate a high concentration of pigments, enabling them to produce vibrant and accurate colors on various substrates.
  5. Quick Drying: While water-based inks typically dry slower than solvent-based inks, advancements in ink technology have improved drying times, making them suitable for high-speed flexographic printing presses.
  6. Substrate Versatility: Water-based flexo inks are well-suited for printing on a variety of substrates, including paper, cardboard, flexible films, and some non-porous materials.
  7. Good Adhesion: Water-based inks are formulated to provide strong adhesion to different substrates, ensuring that the printed images remain durable and resistant to rubbing or smudging.
  8. Easy Clean-Up: Water-based inks are easier to clean up from printing equipment and rollers compared to solvent-based inks. This simplifies the printing process and reduces downtime during color changes or maintenance.

Ink making business guide

  1. Water-based Ink
  2. Solvent-based Ink
  3. UV-curable Ink
  4. Pigments
  5. Dyes
  6. Viscosity
  7. Drying Time
  8. Adhesion
  9. Printability
  10. Flexibility
  11. Opacity
  12. Gloss
  13. Resin
  14. Polymer
  15. Additives
  16. Surfactants
  17. Defoamers
  18. Stabilizers
  19. Dispersants
  20. Color Strength
  21. Lightfastness
  22. Scratch Resistance
  23. Chemical Resistance
  24. Substrate Compatibility
  25. Environmental Compliance
  26. Low VOC
  27. Food Packaging Safe
  28. Anilox Roller
  29. Doctor Blade
  30. Printing Plates

Do you know in the recent time most selling ink in the ink Manufacturing business flexographic  printing inks occupied in top ten most selling ink in all over the world specially water based flexographic graphic inks are gaining its volume day by day .By our formula choose the best binder, dispersing agent and ink thinker make your ink top quality standard which is the need of a customer.