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web gravure printing ink formula is a type of ink used in the gravure printing process for web-fed printing presses. Gravure printing is a high-speed, high-quality printing method that involves engraving images onto the surface of a cylindrical printing plate. The engraved cells hold the ink, and as the plate rotates, the ink is transferred onto the substrate, typically a continuous roll of paper or other flexible materials, known as the web.

Web gravure printing inks are specifically formulated for this printing process to meet the demands of high-speed production and provide excellent print quality.

 Key characteristics of web gravure printing inks formula

  1. Viscosity: Web gravure inks are designed to have specific viscosity levels suitable for consistent and smooth ink flow on the engraved cylinders. Controlling ink viscosity is crucial for maintaining print quality and preventing issues like ink splattering or uneven ink distribution.
  2. Drying Time: The ink needs to dry quickly once printed on the substrate to enable fast production speeds. Rapid drying helps prevent smudging and facilitates further processing, such as cutting and finishing.
  3. Color Intensity and Consistency: Web gravure printing inks must exhibit consistent color intensity throughout the print run to achieve uniform print results.
  4. Adhesion: These inks are formulated to adhere effectively to various substrates, including paper, films, and foils.
  5. Rub Resistance: Good rub resistance ensures that the printed materials can withstand handling and resist smudging or transferring ink to other surfaces.
  6. Solvent Compatibility: Web gravure inks are often solvent-based to enhance drying speed and print quality. Solvent selection is critical to achieving the desired ink properties and print performance.

The choice of web gravure printing ink depends on factors such as the type of substrate, printing press specifications, and the desired print outcome. Different substrates may require specialized inks to ensure optimal adhesion and print quality.

For the most up-to-date information on web web gravure printing ink formula, it’s best to consult with CFS  ink manufacturers and our printing industry experts.