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“Rubber adhesive” is a general term that refers to adhesives specifically formulated for bonding rubber materials. Rubber adhesives are designed to create strong and durable bonds with various types of rubber, including natural rubberNatural Rubber Tubing Making, synthetic rubber (such as neoprene or silicone rubber), and elastomers. In this rubber adhesive formulation a rubber tube solution method for producing a butyl rubber inner tire. The working method that the purpose of this rubber glue for tires formulation is to provide a kind of solution which is  method butyl rubber inner tube under the situation that does not reduce inner tube of a tire performance. It is improved the production technique of the inner tube of a tire, alleviates the nervous problem of butyl rubber application demand.

This rubber glue for tires formulation sealant consists of an adhesive consisting of polyvinyl acetate, a blocking agent containing surface-activating rubber particles, water and a dispersing agent consisting of an electrostatically charged material. Is. The dispersion agent ensures uniform distribution of the sellout composition on the inner surface of the tire. In use, a quantity of composition is injected into a vehicle tire. Driving causes the interior of the tire to mix with the texture. If a puncturing object such as a nail pierces the tire wall, the sealant will seal around the object. If the object is removed, the air pressure inside the tire causes the compound to flow into the puncture hole to fill and seal the hole, providing a permanent puncture repair.

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