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CHARACTERISTICS :Sandarac is a natural gum, present in the form of small pieces and powder.


  • Soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water and benzene


  • It is harmless and does not catch fire


  • It is used in making Lakers, adhesive compounds, varnish, and furniture polishes.

Varnish and Lacquer

  • Sandarac is perhaps best known for its use in making varnishes and lacquers. When dissolved in alcohol, it forms a hard, glossy, and transparent coating that is valued for its clarity and durability. This makes it suitable for protecting and enhancing the appearance of wood, particularly fine furniture and musical instruments.

2. Incense and Perfumery

  • Due to its aromatic properties, sandarac has been used as incense and in perfumery. It burns with a pleasant, balsamic odor, making it suitable for religious ceremonies and personal use. In perfumery, it is used as a fixative to extend the durability of fragrances on the skin.

3. Traditional Medicine

  • In traditional medicine, sandarac has been used for its supposed antiseptic and astringent properties. It has been applied in the treatment of various ailments, though its effectiveness and safety for medical purposes should be approached with caution in contemporary contexts without proper evidence and professional guidance.

4. Art and Restoration

  • Artists and restorers have used sandarac in the past as a fixative for charcoal, pencil, and pastel drawings. A light coating of sandarac varnish can help protect delicate artwork from smudging and environmental damage.

5. Food Glazing Agent

  • Sandarac has been utilized as a glazing agent in the food industry, though its use is less common today. It can provide a protective, glossy coating to various food items, enhancing their appearance and shelf life.

6. Printing Inks and Sealants

  • The resin has found applications in the formulation of certain printing inks and sealants, benefiting from its adhesive properties and the protective, glossy finish it can provide.


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