Soap Making Process

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Soap is one of the most commonly used products in each household beautiful aromas and colors and various forms  and textures transform washing of a body into  a pleasant ritual. It nourishes and moisturizes  our skin but its main function is to remove  dirt and microbes during the pandemic .

It has become an essential commodity  have you ever wondered how it’s  manufactured today.

In this blog we will  tell you how liquid soap is manufactured in factory scale. Let’s see how soap is manufactured the  entire process. It starts at the Formula department where the formulation is developed  and prototype samples are prepared the laboratory  develops a formulation with ingredients. Including water surfactants responsible for example a soap forming and active ingredients  like extracts vitamins or essential oils.

When the formulation is developed application tests must be performed with a panel of testers as well as tests on relevant equipment. only after their successful completion can the  product be launched into the market.  The large scale production begins raw materials  required for production are delivered to the  plant by tankers and the entire unloading  dosing and weighting system is automatic.

Raw Material for soap making process

Raw materials are unloaded to relevant tanks  located in a designated zone in the warehouse . Then they are automatically  weighed and dosed to a mixer.  Those used in smaller quantities such as  pigments or extracts are dosed using buckets the system is controlled with a  data scanner to avoid of the key ingredients used  in the production is water bodies determine technology water distributed in the  mixing department.

Continuously circulates  preventing development of microorganisms its  parameters similarly as of other raw materials  are continuously monitored a sample of the  products prepared in the mixer. It is delivered  to the quality control department where its  parameters are verified against the specification . Their viscosity density PH, color or aroma  are verified. when all test results are positive  the product is released from the  mixer and supplied to a storage tank . Pipelines are equipped with a system of cleaning  pistons that thoroughly push all soap to the  product tank . This way no soap is wasted and much less water is used to clean the entire system . when the cosmetic mass ready  it’s time to pack it at the cerapol cosmetics products section are packed on several dozen  production lines . Which installed at two plants  pouring lines can be classified . According to a packaging type first it will see how popular doy packs are filled. A printed film from a roll passes  through a system of tensioners then is automatically folded  and sealed at its edges then a cap is sealed. This way a sachet is formed  which is later filled with liquid.

Finally the top edge is sealed and the  finished product is placed on a belt  conveyor several dozen millions pieces of products leave these lines every year.

Packaging of Soap

Now it will see how soap is poured into bottles packaging is also manufactured on site in the plant. Pet HDPE and recycled R pet granules are used.  when material is plasticized a  preform is molded . It  is then blown  a robot collects a bottle and  places it on a transport line.

At the next station soap is poured into bottles as three different types of soap can be poured simultaneously . It is  then the bottle is closed with a cap . With a pump and then a label is applied before the soap leaves the line the finished product. Inspection is performed an employee of the quality control department verifies the product against a specification at random intervals. Then the cartons with soap are packed on pallets. This packed soap transported to the finished product warehouse.  Obviously cosmetics produces soaps manufactured at the plant can be found on shelves of the most  recognized retailers in World.

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