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  • Rosin soap, sodium resinate


  • White powder
  • Easily soluble in water
  • Catches fire

Sodium abietate uses

Soap and Detergent Manufacturing

  • Emulsifying Agent: Sodium abietate acts as an emulsifier, helping to mix water with oils and fats, which is crucial in soap making. It contributes to the soap’s ability to remove grease and dirt from surfaces and skin.
  • Foaming Agent: It can serve as a foaming agent in detergents, enhancing their cleaning power by improving their ability to lift soil and grease off surfaces and suspend them in water.
  1. Coatings and Inks
  • Water Repellency: In the production of coatings, sodium abietate can impart water-repellent properties. It’s used in formulations for varnishes and other protective coatings to enhance durability and resistance to moisture.
  • Gloss Enhancer: It can also be used in printing inks and varnishes as a gloss enhancer, improving the shine and finish of printed materials.
  1. Rubber Industry
  • Processing Aid: Sodium abietate serves as a processing aid in the rubber industry, where it can be used to improve the mixability of rubber compounds and the flow properties of the rubber during molding and extrusion processes.
  1. Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Formulations
  • Emulsifying and Thickening Agent: In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, sodium abietate can be utilized as an emulsifier to stabilize emulsions, such as creams and lotions, and as a thickening agent, improving the texture and consistency of the final product.
  1. Paper Production
  • Sizing Agent: Sodium abietate can be applied in the paper industry as a sizing agent, where it helps in controlling the paper’s porosity and improving its resistance to water and grease. This is especially important for writing papers and packaging materials.
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