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Other Names:

Stannous Chloride other names are Tin Crystal, Tin Salt, Tin dichloride, Tin protochloride.

Stannous chloride uses  in various industries which mention below.

Properties: White crestline solid compound

If place it in the open air turn into oxy chloride.

Solubility :It is soluble in the water ,tartaric acid , Alcohol and alkaline solution .

Density: 3.95

Melting point: 246.8OC

Preparation: can obtain through the dissolving the Tin in HCl.

Grades: Technical C-P ,and Reagent grades are available in the market.

Precautions: Highly poisonous

Stannous Chloride Uses

It used in the Electroplating industry  ,Reducing agent ,Dyes and polymers manufacturing.

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